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on 10-25 we had a fotoshoot with kristinaJ,
a very friendly and nice person
who makes very beautiful pictures!
it took place in bonn with another lolita friends of mine.
unfortunaly we had so much bak luck with the locations:
the first (a garden in a church) was closed cause of repairs,
but instead we get the permission to shoot in the church! ^^
..but the light in the building was too faintly for the camera ;.;
so we continue with the next one: the mainbuilding of the
university of bonn.
it was very nice and the hallway was pretty bright
and light-flooded.
kristina shot so many beautiful pictures of scarlet and jasmin.
but we were chased away cause we hadn't a permission of the
university to shoot fotos >.>
so our journey continued along the rhine,

an irish pub (very cool) and someone's red bed. ^.~
the photos are for a exposition of the photographer and
for a postcard serie!
there are two photos from me as well (nr. 17 and 18) ..
(scarlet is the person before me in the photo list)
i had two different outfits, they are shown on the photos.
unfortunatley none of them is a whole-body picture ;.;
but the face shoots are still great. ^^


i looked the EMA and i am very impressed by kanye west.
his song "love lockdown" is very artistic with its different style
and how he sings it.
i didn't expected such a song from a person like him..
but it is still great and i like it.


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