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geiko and maiko

these wonderful women of japan .. i love her kimonos and obis
and espacially their makeup is so amazing! i love these detail
the most .. 

i read a lot about this culture, so i have a nice basic knowledge,
but i am not an expert of course XD ..
i just know the difference between maiko and geiko(=geisha),
their background, the facts about the makeup, hairstyle and
a little bit of the kimonos..

it is not the same with the movie the geisha, that is just a
movie made by hollywood.. full of cliche and wrong informations,
but nice to look at it ^^; 

look at this wonderfül kimono! the colors .. the motive ..
just stunning..and she looks beautiful in it as well.
she is a maiko..her hair, long-arm-kimono and color and
motive, accessoire and her makeup belong to one.
in contrast both women in background are geikos. 

a dance from two maikos i think

i know the first impression is not so good, but after short
time one is used to it and it is very interesting after all.

new year s greeting in Miyagawa-cho district

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